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D-Day 75th Anniversary Commemorative Coin - Limited Edition


Great Coin! Nice quality and design is amazing!

D Day Coin & Iwojima coin

Very happy with the coins , Thank You , nicely made , great detail , heavy and good quality brass ,a great memorial for my late father ,Thomas Stapleton Leeming , who sadly passed at age 94 & half years , in Sept. 2020 ,who was at D Day on Omaha , Point Du Hoc , on a British Merchant ship , Cotswald , he was 19 years old , beached to supply Rangers , dad watched them climb the cliffs , dad never forgot D Day
,Combined ops with U.S. Navy , Dad shot at German plane and put holes in it , also exploding the barrage balloon on his ship ,Dads ship was there early to drop off 5 U.S . service men ;Seals on inflatable dinghy , I am very proud of my father , I would like to talk to / contact any D Day Vets who were there and might remember the ship my father was on , thanks again , Dean Leeming


D-Day 75th Anniversary Commemorative Coin - Limited Edition

Our First Commander-in-Chief

Loved the coin. Sent it to my grandson.

G.W. Battlefield Flag

Awesome Coin and momento of out Firtt President and General of our country. I was impressed with the look and feel of the coin. Exceeded expectations!!

George Washington Battlefield Flag Coin

Lady Liberty

I love this coin!! It’s detail is beautiful!!

Love the commerative coin

Excellent design and quality! Military America News, that's the norm for their challenge coins

Great coin

One of the best looking challenge coins I've seen!

Beautiful Coin

Another coin with a beautiful design. Looking forward to future purchases.


really nice ,share with other biker/vets

Statue of Liberty coin

Beautiful workmanship and beautiful colors very happy with the complete transaction!

Statue of Liberty coin

A very impressive coin I have one in my collection and gave them out to fellow veterans

Awesome my brother will enjoy one too.


Thank you for remembering those on D Day. From a Paratrooper of the 82nd Airborne Division

Excellent coin

A great addition to my collection, looks great displayed

I appreciated that you included Kaneohe M.C.A.S on the coin./

Dec. Independence Coin

It's beautiful. I have a challenge coin display rack for my coins!