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Tomb of the Unknown Soldier 100th Anniversary Commemorative Coin

Battle of Midway Challenge Coin

The coin is extremely detailed and depicts the historical event nicely. I proudly display the coin with my other historical challenge coins.


It was amazing. I am so glad I bought it for my son-n-law.

Gadsden Flag Coin
Jason Rodriguez

like the 3D coins you sent

Gadsden Flag Coin
Jack C Slaughter

Beautiful tribute in metal.

Gadsden Flag Coin
Andrew Arruza
Gadsden flag

Very nice coin design at a good price.

Gadsden Flag Coin
Larry Wheland

Great coin.

Gadsden Flag Coin
Adrian Demery
Gadsden Flag Coin

Amazing coin of great quality and arrived promptly after order was placed.

Another Great Coin

Very well made as are all the coins I have acquired over the years. They make great keepsakes as well as gifts to those interested in history.

Love These Coins, but George Washington Coin is Different

I bought these Declaration of Independence Day commemorative coins for my four grandchildren and gave them to them for the 4th of July. I have also purchased the Statue of Liberty and George Washington to do the same with on the statue’s anniversary and George Washington’s birthday (president’s day). The George Washington coin, while beautiful, is not the same type and does not fit in a standard Coin stand (it is bigger and thicker and has a coating on it). That was a surprize and I wish it did not have those differences from the other commemorative coins produced by American Military News. If I would have know it, I wouldn’t have bought it for the purpose that I’m buying these which is to etch American history into my grandkids hearts and souls for life. I intend to purchase the WWII set of coins for them to teach them about WWII. I have them for myself already and know they are great quality and all similarly made.

great commemoration of one of the most decisive battles in history

even better than I expected

Nice coin

Very nice and detailed

Coins are very well detailed


My Dad and I like the Apollo coins very much. Thanks for offering the coins. Tim

Outstanding design …

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier 100th Anniversary Commemorative Coin

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier 100th Anniversary Commemorative Coin

Awesome Coin

Great looking coin and a true tribute to the 75th Anniversary of Iwo Jima. My father served during WWII, so I'm collecting any coins related to WWII, which some day will be turned over to my great nephew.

Iwo Jima 75th Anniversary Commemorative Coin

As always a very high quality coin. I've never been disappointed with your products.


I have ordered a number of coins from American Military News and the Apollo Moon Landing Commemorative Coin certainly lives up to the same high quality I have come to expect.

Nice coin

Great commemorative coin. Displays where the battle was fought. The raised printing on the coin is a nice touch. Bought them for GF’s son and 3 grandkids who participated in the 75th Anniversary celebration of D Day with WWII survivors in Normandy. One of the grandkids had his photo taken holding an umbrella over a WWII survivor in a wheelchair - it made the newspapers.

Battle of Midway Commemorative Coin

I purchased this for my grandson. I just saw him this weekend to give it to him. He collects military coins and I have purchased several for him and have given him some I received when I volunteered at the USO and was given some. This is now his favorite coin he told me. It is really nice!!

Beautiful coin

Very detailed. One of my favorites

Battle of Midway 80th Anniversary Commemorative Coin

Great momento

Excellent craftsmanship and detail. Very special since I served on Midway prior to going to V.N. in 1960's.