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Battle of Midway 80th Anniversary Commemorative Coin

Battle of Midway 80th Anniversary Commemorative Coin

Love these coins

I have all that come out and absolutely love them and the derails.

Midway Commemorative Coin

This and the other coins for World War II are great. I need to find a display case for the ones I already have and for future coins.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Coin

Beautiful coin! The bas relief is exquisite and I'm so very happy with this coin.

I have got it love it.

75th anniversary for D-Day

I was a very good coin. The art work was great

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier 100th Anniversary Commemorative Coin

Iwo Jima Commemorative Coin

This a beautiful, high quality, very finely detailed coin of substantial weight. Made in the USA. You will not be disappointed!

Beautiful coin commemorative!!!


Excellent memorial coin , high quality , heavy brass , great detail ,very happy , along with the D Day Coin I got at same time , Semper Fidelis ,
Military for saving my parents lives , I am only alive now because of the defence of New Zealand and U.K. ,
Japan and Germany were defeated by U.S.A. !!!
U.S.A . Saved New Zealand where I live now , 45 ,000 U.S. Troops were stationed in N.Z. in WW 2,
The troops that attacked Guadalcanal shipped out from N.Z. , the beginning of the long fight , all the way to IWO and beyond , Thank you to all veterans !!!! My cousin Ernie Laurie was in Royal N.Z. Airforce , WW 2 , flew P 40 Kittyhawks along side U.S. Forces , bombers , over Solomon's 3 tours , Guadalcanal , New Georgia , Bougainville , many dive bombing runs over Rabaul , sadly in an accident in test flight ,he crashed a F4 U -2 Corsair , April 30 1944 , a night fighter plane , damaged and repaired and flown by a few other N.Z. Pilots as well , at Empress Augusta Bay on take off and drowned , Credited with 2 air to air destructions of **** Zero's , one over Rabaul in November 1943 , I will never forget the sacrifice !!!!

Simply beautiful

This coin was everything I hoped it would be. Beautiful crafted, solid and a piece I am proud to display.

Pearl Harbor 80th Anniversary Commemorative Coin

Beautifully crafted and detailed, AND made in the USA! These are very substantial, weighty coins that make them a pleasure to handle and admire while reflecting on what happened December 7, 1941.

Iwo Jima 75th Anniversary Commemorative Coin

Pearl Harbor 80th Anniversary Commemorative Coin

It was very beautiful.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier 100th Anniversary Commemorative Coin

225 Anniversary Commemoative Coin

I love it thank you.

Great coin

a nice coin

Honorable Soldier

I like the Commemorative coin, good finish in detail. I bought 2, gave one to my Son as he retired from US Army, Thanks

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier 100th Anniversary Commemorative Coin

The coin is remarkable, easy to order and quick to get

Love the quality of the coin

Make more

Happy with order

It is a wonderful depiction of the memorial to a hero! We must never forget their sacrifice and the pain of families left behind.

Well Done

Your company makes the most beautiful coins. Any that I have ordered never disappoint!!